Mohammed Mohtadi

Mohammed Mohtadi


Mohammed Mohtadi is the director of Specialised Fire Protection. He made his start with the company to launch it internationally by joining his brothers at Rhino/ADFD in 2006. In the almost five years that Specialised Fire has been operating he has developed a loyal staff of 41 highly trained staff, and portfolio of some of Melbourne most well-known sites.

Having completed his early education, Mohammed began his working career at Hamilton Lloyd Fire protection who nurtured him through his schooling. Working at H&L enabled him to be involved in an array of different fire protection applications from an early age. Moving on to CFS and helping to manage the regional hospitals upgrade saw him living across county Victoria for 2 years and helping to oversee as many as 3 hospitals at once. Having proved his ability, he was appointed project manager at the Diamaru / Melbourne central upgrade for the following two years.

As Service manager at Rhino / AFPD /ARA, Mohammed was directly responsible for over 160 staff managing over 400 building and projects from WA to Far North Queensland. It was at this point in his career he decided that although the market share was second to none, the quality and overall experience did suffer. This is why he started Specialised Fire Protection.

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